Welcome to Love Guitar

Wedding guitarist performing beautifully crafted solo arrangements of classic and modern romantic and feel-good songs. Ideal for weddings, dinners, restaurants and galas.

Based around Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and the North West but happy to travel UK wide.

Love Guitar is a modern update on the traditional classical guitarist - ideal for weddings, dinner parties and other events. The repertoire consists of modern and classic pop songs played instrumentally, with options of movie/musical tunes and vintage jazz. The focus is firmly on romantic and feel good hits. Arrangements include favourite tunes by artists such as Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, John Legend, Queen, Madness, Foo Fighters, Spice Girls, McFly and many more!

Live acoustic music is an excellent way to add a special, unique touch to an event. It can decorate the experience with something magical without being distracting. Good background music should be unobtrusive but also be interesting enough to listen to - that is exactly what Love Guitar is about.

Classical guitarists have always been an excellent accompaniment to weddings and dinners. The delicate tone of the instrument is an ideal way to set a romantic/tranquil mood. Also the absence of a singer makes it easier for the music to sit in the background as conversations flow. However, what if you like that idea, but just maybe, instead of Mozart and Bach, would love some of the tunes that you have always enjoyed listening to?

Modern Wedding Guitar Repertoire

With Love Guitar I play intimate arrangements of favourite romantic ballads and up-tempo songs. The repertoire focuses on the contemporary hits and classic songs most clients have grown up with and enjoy listening to today. As well as the artists mentioned above, I have tunes by Rihanna, The Stone Roses, Elton John, Neil Young, ELO, Ellie Gouldin, Calvin Harris and more - click for full repertoire. Song choices focus on themes of love and happiness, keeping a feel good theme throughout. Arrangements are perfectly suited to creating a lovely backdrop. They are unobtrusive and equally perfect for listening to attentively or sitting in the background whilst guests chat.

As well as a full repertoire of well-loved songs to choose from, I also offer the option of learning an additional song of your choice free of charge. Maybe there is a special song you would like played at your event, maybe even to walk down the aisle to? If so I would be delighted to provide that.


North-West Based but Travel UK Wide

I am based around the North West and regard Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside as my 'home' counties. However it is common for me to take bookings from all over the country. I regularly drive to events further afield including Yorkshire, Staffordshire, the Midlands, North Wales, South Wales,The Cotswolds, the South-West, South-East, and Scotland. There is subject to an additional travel charge that increases for greater distances. However, because you are booking direct with the musician and avoiding agency fees it helps me keep my prices competitive even with the travel fee added.

Please have a wonder around the site and email me at enquiries@robshawguitar.com should you have any questions.