Scampston Hall Wedding and New Video

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I’ve had an eventful bunch of weeks here at Love Guitar. Played some wedding over the last month as Love Guitar as well as doing some dep work for function bands and a gig with the jazz duo.

Yesterday I had a lovely time playing at the wedding of Erin and Thom today at Scampston Hall in Malton, North Yorkshire. I had the ‘challenge’ of learning a track by virtuoso guitarist Andy McKee for Erin to enter to! The track is a lovely instrumental called ‘She’ which is in an alternate tuning meaning I had to have both guitars set up on the day. Thankfully the performance went well they were both very happy. I was pleased that I managed to time the finish of the tune well despite the bride and groom being out of view to me. And Erin said hearing tune ‘set her off’ so I must have done something right.

Also chuffed to receive one of the best comments you can get as a solo guitarist – a guest commented that when he’d heard me from the other room he thought it was two guitarists playing! I feel like I’ve just had my very own Keith Richards talking about Muddy Waters moment!

Earlier this week I was also in Alive Network’s Silk Mill Studio, recording an in-session live video. I played a medley of three tunes lasting about 5 and half minutes. This type of recording is always the most pressured as you have to both ensure you play well and consistently good through the whole length of the medley,and also try to look human at the same time! Very pleased though with what I’ve seen and looking forward to getting the finished article up on the site.

I’ve included some pictures from yesterdays wedding and also from the session.

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