Pricing & Packages

The following is an outline of prices for performances in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside. I am equally delighted to take bookings for anywhere else in the UK too, with the addition of a travel fee - please email for a quote.
The packages and timings are meant as a general guide. If they don't seem to suit what you have in mind simply get in touch with your requirements and we can take it from there.

Standard Package

Ceremony Performance*

& Drinks Reception (45 mins)
Drinks Reception (45 mins)
& Wedding Breakfast (45 mins)

Non Wedding Events
2 x 45 min sets or 90 mins split up to suit your event

Standard Package + Waiting Fee

Ceremony Performance*
& Wedding Breakfast

Non Wedding Events
2 x 45 min sets or 90 mins split up to suit your event spread over a longer timescale

Extended Package

Ceremony Performance*

Drinks Reception(45 mins)
& Wedding Breakfast (45 mins)

Non Wedding Events
3 x 45 minute sets
2 hours 15 split up to suit your event

* A wedding Ceremony performance consists of playing from 30 minutes before the ceremony as the guests settle, performing the bride's entrance music, playing during the signing of the register and then as the bride and groom exit.

All packages include the offer of me learning a new song for your event free of charge - see below for for info and conditions.

The Booking Process

The booking process is very simple. Please email me at with details of your event and I can confirm availability, answer any queries and provide a quote.

If you would like to then proceed I will ask for a small deposit to secure the booking and upon receipt I will send a booking confirmation. I will ask you to have a think about any songs from my repertoire you specifically want included in your set, or even any you want me to leave out! You are also welcome to choose a special song not in the list that you would like me to arrange for you. 

Between booking and the event I will be happy to respond to any queries you may have. I will then get in touch a month before the event to confirm all arrangements, timings and song choices.

On the day I will usually turn up at least an hour before I am due to start playing. Setting up will take 10-15 minutes and then this gives me time to get changed, warm up and generally get ready. I will then ask for the balance to be paid to me on the day, either by cash or direct banking.

When you book via Love Guitar, you are making a direct booking with a working musician. There are no agency/third party costs involved. This allows the price to be lower for the client whilst also making sure that everything paid goes direct to the musician playing at your event.

Free Additional Song Choice

I am happy to arrange and perform an additional song of your choice free of charge. There are just a few conditions with this offer:

1. I don't offer this if the booking is made within two weeks of the event - I can't guarantee sufficient time to put the piece together to an acceptable standard alongside other commitments

2. Though most regular songs can be made it to work effectively on solo guitar, some just won't! Tracks that are predominantly rap, or based on percussion and 'sounds', generally don't offer much to work with. Tracks with more melodic and harmonic content can be arranged more effectively. If you pick something I feel I can't do justice to I will let you know and invite you to re-choose.

3. This offer assumes me playing something of a difficulty level consistent with the other tunes I play. If you want me to perform a complex solo piece by a virtuoso guitarist then I can probably do it, but I hope you understand that this would demand more learning and practice time. Therefore I would quote a price for this rather than offering it for free. As an example of this is I recently learnt a track by the renowned instrumental guitarist Andy McKee for a bride's entrance music!