Welcome to Love Guitar

Hi I'm Rob and I perform as Love Guitar. Many thanks for taking the time to visit my site!


The essential element of instrumental guitar for weddings and background music is a full repertoire of ballads - romantic love songs creating a relaxed, sentimental mood. These are ideal for creating a lovely backdrop as guests settle before a wedding ceremony and also during the signing of the register. They are equally perfect for guests to relax to as they sip champagne or sit and dine. My repertoire has plenty of favourites such as 'All of Me' by John Legend, 'Time After Time' by Cyndie Lauper, 'Your Song' by Elton John, 'Pefect' by Ed Sheeran and many more.

However, as lovely as this is, usually people appreciate a little variety too. Maybe adding a bit of fun too and make everyone smile? I'm pleased to offer plenty of uptempo and feel-good songs and love putting together 'cheeky' arrangements. The sort of quirky songs that wouldn't can make guests think "is he really playing that?!" These can also be great for drinks receptions and also in the background as people dine. Also perfect if you want a bit of a leftfield choice to walk down the aisle to or exit the ceremony. Examples include 'You Got a Friend in Me' from Toy Story, 'I Wanna Be Like You' from the Jungle Book, 'I'm a Believer', 'Bang, Bang' by Jessie J, 'Mmm-Bop' by Hanson and even 'Mr Blue Sky' amongst many others. I can even play the Peppa Pig theme to entertain younger guests!


Arranging a song originally played on multiple instruments and voice for one guitar can have challenges but is usually very possible. I always strive to capture as much of the recognisable elements of the song as I can. Sometimes players that are great musicians use a song as a 'starting off point' and branch of into improvisations loosely based around the main themes. I always aim to keep a clear, clean melody line, a solid sense of time and rhythm and definite structure. I like to play cohesive standalone arrangement that are easily identifiable to anyone who knows the song.


The standard option is for two sets, typically 45 minutes each. For a wedding this can include playing in the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, or playing live in the ceremony as the bride walks down the aisle. I also offer an extended package too, with more playing time. Love Guitar is equally perfect for other events including dinner parties, gala dinners, charity events and funerals. For more info and a guide to prices please see my Booking Page. If you want something different to the packages shown simply drop me an email. I'm always happy to adapt what I do to help make your event as seamless and special as possible - it is important to me that when you have booked you are happy with service you get.

I am happy to arrange and perform an additional song of your choice not in the repertoire for your event free of charge, so long as it is something that can be made to work as a solo guitar piece, although most things can.
Equipment - in addition to the obvious guitar - consists of a single powered speaker on a stand. This is loud enough to be heard in any environment the act is likely to be booked for, but simple to set up and transport, meaning it is no trouble to move to different areas or venues between sets.